Privacy Statement for the Linearis3D App

The Linearis3D App is a service offered by Linearis3D GmbH & Co. KG, Rebenring 31, 38106 Braunschweig, Germany. Through this privacy statement, Linearis3D wishes to inform you of how your personal data are processed. All personal data are treated with the utmost care at Linearis3D. All the necessary steps are taken to guarantee the security of these data. Please write to if you have any queries relating to this document. The following measures have been implemented in compliance with GDPR.

1. Which data are stored?

In case of a software crash an error report is sent including a stack trace, the type of device used and the data that lead to the crash.Linearis3D uses the data from the error report only for troubleshooting and optimizing the Linearis3D app. This data is not shared with any third party.

Your images are never sent to our servers. Only the coordinates of the recognized circular targets as well as their size and orientation are sent to the server along with the IP adress, a device-id and project-id. The project name is not transmitted. We use this information to assess the quality of our services and to improve the performance of our algorithms.

If you send us a support e-mail containing the device id and project id we will be able to connect your projects and your e-mail adress. Such personal data transmitted on a voluntary basis by a user are stored for the purpose of processing or contacting the user. There is no transfer of this personal data to third parties.

All the data mentioned above is only stored for the period necessary to achieve the purpose of storage or as far as this is granted by the European legislator. The data is routinely erased when the reason for storage does not exist anymore.

1.2 Access rights of the app

Depending on the operating system version, you will be asked for permission to use the camera and internet access and to access photos / media / files before installing the app or starting it for the first time. If you decline, you will not be able to use the app. You can grant or revoke the permission later in the operating system settings. You may not be able to use all features of the app in this case. The rights and permissions are needed for the following reasons:
  • Camera: The app requires access to the camera to take photographs.
  • Internet access: In order to upload the coordinates of the points to the Linearis3D server, the app requires internet access.
  • Access to photos/media/files: In order to save the images taken with the camera, access to the photos is required. Other media or files are not accessed.

2. Purpose of storing the data

We store data based on the provisions in GDPR §6. The purpose of gathering, saving, processing and using the data is solely to facilitate, maintain and develop the service provided by Linearis3D. This includes above all the evaluation of the transmitted point coordinates as well as the troubleshooting and optimization of the used app.

3. No forwarding of data to third parties

Linearis3D does not forward the personal data of its users to third parties unless the user has given his/her explicit consent or there is a legal requirement to forward the data. Furthermore, information can be passed to third parties where disclosure is required by law or by court decisions or is necessary for the purposes of law enforcement or criminal prosecution in case of attacks on the infrastructure of Linearis3D. We do not pass on any personal information – neither for commercial use nor for any other non-commercial purpose.

4. Minors

As a matter of principle, Linearis3D is directed towards users who have reached the age of majority. Any use by minors without the consent of their legal guardians is prohibited. Linearis3D therefore reserves the right to delete all data relating to underage users if no consent from the legal guardians is available.

5. Data security

Linearis3D employs safety precautions to guarantee that your data are protected against loss, modification or misuse. At the same time, please be aware that one hundred per cent protection against attacks cannot be guaranteed because of the continuous appearance of new security vulnerabilities. Linearis3D will instigate civil and criminal proceedings against any attack by hackers and the like and will inform the users of any cases in which their data have been compromised.

6. Information, correction, deletion and right of objection

As required in GDPR §12-21 you can request information about the stored personal data free of charge and immediately. In addition, you have the right at any time to object to the further use of your personal data in the future and to request the correction and/or the deletion of your data. To do this, you must provide valid proof that it is your data. Linearis3D reserves the right to provide this information electronically. In such a case, please contact

7. Amendments to the Privacy Statement

We reserve the right to amend or adjust this Privacy Statement at any time subject to compliance with the applicable data protection regulations.

8. Contact

The trust of our users is important to us. Linearis3D therefore wishes to provide its users with full information on the processing of their personal data at all times. If any queries remain unanswered by this privacy statement or if more detailed information is required on any point, please contact the following address at any time:
Linearis3D GmbH & Co. KG
Rebenring 31
38106 Braunschweig